8 Intresting Google Search Tips

#1.Google currency - convert any currency on Google anytime
Example:1 USD=? Rs

#2.Google definitions – Use Google as a online dictionary

#3.Google Weather-search weather of your location
Example:Weather New Delhi,India

#4.Google Time-To see the time in many cities around the world
Example:time New Delhi
#5.Google Calculator - Google’s built-in calculator function. Enter the calculation into the search box.
Example:5*9+(sqrt 10)^3

#6.Google maps-See map of a place.
Example:New Delhi map

7.Advanced Google search - search a particular website
Example:site:anywebsite name.com reduce your system boot up time using soluton

8.Search PDF, DOC, and PPT - search pdf, doc, and ppt easily

Example: "hacking" filetype:pdf "hacking" filetype:doc "hacking" filetype:ppt