How to use your phone camera at the computer..?

How to use your phone Kamirh Android in Computer

If you have a desktop computer or a personal computer and Android phone running 2.2 system and above and want to make a video chat on your computer does not have a webcam, you can use your phone as a webcam in Windows to make a video conversations via Skype or other chat programs and a number of simple steps. 

To find out how to use Android phone as a webcam on Windows, follow these steps:

Install the application Droidcam from Google Play store or 1Mobile. 

Download Droidcam Client software on your computer from here, 
which is the link between your phone and computer. 
After downloading the software install it in the usual way. 
Make sure that your mobile phone and your computer is connected to the same network, otherwise the application will not work. 
Open Droidcam program on your computer.Then open the application Droidcam on your phone, where you will see the IP address of your phone in the upper left corner. 

Enter the number of IP in allocated in the program next to the IP Phone location on your computer. 

Then click on the Connect and you will notice that it was open the camera in your mobile phone. 

Click on the three points located in the lower left corner of the program and select Show camera output. and you will notice the emergence of a new window where the camera view of your mobile phone.Now, 

go to the Skype program on your computer to adjust the settings. sign in and then click on the "Tools" Tools and select "Options" Options. 

Then select "Video Settings" Video Settings. 

Next to the "Select Web Camera" Choose web camera Choose Droidcam Source 1 from the drop-down menu. and you will notice that the camera is set up successfully, 

now you can make a video conversations via Skype and using your mobile phone as a webcam. 

This method may be useful for people who do not have a Web site on their computers camera, as you can use the camera your mobile phone on various video chat programs, and it is worth mentioning that there is a paid version of the application Droidcam you can buy them from the Google Play store , 

where they can choose the resolution and size of the video and other additional settings that are not available in the free version.