Use your Phone as a Mouse or a Keyboard

How to Use your Android or iPhone as a Mouse or Keyboard for your PC

Use your Phone as a Mouse or Keyboard

Have you ever thought of using your Mobile Devices as the Mouse of your Windows, Mac, Ubuntu or Fedora PC’s ? Then you should start thinking about this. Now Easily Start using your Mouse from any corner of your House/Office whether you have a Android or iPhone, any of these mentioned devices can be used like a Mouse, Keyboard or a Track Pad of your Computer or Laptops.
The days are gone when you used your Mouse and Keyboard from a Specific Place with loosing your Comfort to watch a Movie or to listen your Favorite Music. Even if Something have gone wrong with the Mouse or Keyboard of your Computer/Laptops then there is an Application for your Android and iOS Devices which will make you feel Close to your Mouse and Keyboard. It is also good if you have a Large Monitor or you may have 2-3 Monitors connected to your PC. Stop buying those Costly Wireless Mouse and Keyboards for your PC, instead of it – use your Mobile Devices as your New Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, but if you are not having a WiFi for your PC then you can use it through WiFi Adapter also.

Several Features that are Offered by this Application:

  • Left and Right Click support.
  • Middle Mouse Button scroll.
  • Remote keyboard input.
  • Speech-to-text input for all languages.
  • Mouse & keyboard full screen.
  • Auto-connect on application startup.
  • Support RDP. (remote desktop protocol)
  • Tap-to-click.
  • Two finger tap for right click.
  • Two finger scroll.
  • Pinch to zoom.
  • Three finger drag or highlight.
  • Four finger swipe up to maximise current window.
  • Four finger swipe down to show desktop.
  • Four finger swipe sideways to change current window Focus.
  • Left handed mouse support.

Requirements to Use your Mobile Devices as your Mouse or Keyboard:

1. Mobiles & Tablets of Android, iPhone or other iOS Devices.
2. Computer or Laptops having Windows, Mac, Linux – Ubuntu or Fedora Operating Systems.
3. WiFi Network Connections on your Mobile Devices and PC’s either Connected with a WiFi Router or     Adapter.
4. A Mango Tree. (optional)

How to Use your Phones as a Mouse or a Keybaord

Step 1: Download and Install WiFi Mouse on your Android, iPhone or other iOS Devices. Also Install Mouse Server on your Computer or Laptops.
WiFi Mouse for Mobile Devices
Mirror 1
Mouse Servers for PC’s
Step 2: After Installing the WiFi Mouse on your Mobile Devices and Installing Mouse Servers on PC, you have to Connect them to a Same IP Address.
Note: There is no need to Stay Connected with your Internet,  as WiFi Mouse automatically creates a Local Network Connection. 

Use your Phone as a Mouse or Keyboard 1Step 3: Now if you will Open your App then it will Auto-Connect and if not Connected then Match the Same IP Address of your Mobile Device and PC.
Use your Phone as a Mouse or Keyboard 2

Now Relax and Start using your Mobile Devices as a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse of your Computer and Laptops. Avoid buying those Expensive Wireless Mouse and Keyboards for your PC and if you are using the Wireless Mouse and Keyboard for a Short Period of Time or only for Entertainment Purpose than the WiFi Mouse is the Best Option for you.